In early June, Kim decided to go hiking around Hirata, a small town near the mountains. Peter was working that weekend so she asked Alysha to go hiking with her. Alysha is super athletic and is from Alaska! She is a great hiking partner.

The main attraction was a series of 12 waterfalls. Here is one picture of the falls.

Although this is blurry, there was a cool red bridge which crossed over to an overlook to the falls.

Here is Kim at the base of the falls. How refreshing!

After the falls, we went hiking. Here is Alisha on the trail. We saw a few older people gathering mountain vegetables. What is gathering mountain vegetables? Older folks like to walk through the woods and pick various wild vegetables, which are used for dinner. In the late summer and early fall, people go mushroom hunting, though I guess there are some interesting side effects to this hobby.


Although it was June, as we reached the upper parts of the hill/mountain, we started to find patches of snow. It was really exciting to see snow in June!

The end!