One fine spring day, we decided to visit one of the few Shonai attractions we hadn't yet seen: Yura and Oshima (White Mountain Island).

Here is a view of Kim alongside the main attraction--a red bridge connecting to the small mountain island that holds a temple.

Here's Kim ready to set off across the bridge and "scale the mountain" as it were... not much of a challenge.

As with every temple site, there is a large red torii marking the entrance. The island was also populated with fishing boats and other water craft as you can see to the right.

We climbed the stairs to the top, and found this small Shinto shrine waiting for us.

Kim posed for her picture with the guardians of the temple. They looked threatening, but were actually quite nice.

This is the climb we endured to reach the top. It's all cement-block steps, so nothing terribly difficult. Still, it was nice to have a look.